Thursday, July 21, 2011

No more #IndonesiaWantsHarryPotter ! :)

Go to this link ! Now !,movie,2579.htm

So,no more #IndonesiaWantsHarryPotter hastag on Twitter again~
Welcome to Indonesia,Harry ! It seems like my Accio HPDH2 works lol XDD

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don't have any time to post something about UTAU, you are.

Go to this link to check my UTAU song :

And also here to check my artwork :

See ya ! :)


Hi,long time no post here.I decided to fix my blog after seeing my teacher's blog,trololol.So,since my school is started,I decided to quit UTAU for a while,and wait until the holiday started again.Well...I don't have a time to do the song,or the cover art,so...maybe I think I'll quit UTAUing for a moment,remembering that I'm 9th grade already,next year is the most busiest year ever in my Junior School life (you know,UN,US and more).Okay I think that's enough,see you later when I'm back from my hiatus.Mischief Managed !